Cultural Outreach Program

Our Cultural Outreach Program introduces Chinese and Asian culture to over 1,000 community members that come from 42 different cultural backgrounds. The purpose of this program is to create cultural connections, foster curiosity and open dialogues with schools and other members of our community.

  • We teach cultural classes like how to use an abacus and all about its history, brush painting, origami and paper-cutting arts.
  • We also teach some very basic Chinese language.
  • As a result of our cultural classes, Silver Creek High School has added Chinese language classes to its curriculum.
  • We reach out to local schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations to increase our visibility. This program, along with other programs and partnerships, encourages volunteerism.
  • Mentoring program with Silver Creek Leadership Academy. Rita Liu, president and founder of A-PAL, mentors students in leadership and management. A-PAL’s Chinese New Year event serves as the students’ capstone project.