Inclusive Communities Celebration

For over 10 years, the Longmont Multicultural Action Committee has organized the Inclusive Communities event. Each cultural group represented is made up of community volunteers who take their valuable time to share their culture through food, dance and conversation.  The Asian-Pacific Association of Longmont (A-PAL) has been a key participant since 2010, providing Asian performances, cultural displays and food demonstrations and sampling each year. Our approximately 30 volunteers are actively involved in planning our participation in the event. The Inclusive Communities Celebration has attracted up to 500 attendees who experience a variety of cultures.

At the 2015 Inclusive Communities Celebration, guests feasted on Chinese dumplings, Sushi, Norwegian cookies, East Indian dishes, Latino rice dishes and African American soul foods, as well as other delicious fare. Over a dozen booths represented different cultures or nationalities represented here in Longmont and featured pictures, books and crafts. Two comments heard frequently during the evening were, “I didn’t know we had so many different nationalities living here” and “What a fun way to explore and learn about the diversity in our backyard!”