Community Resource Referrals

Since each situation is unique, A-PAL responds to each request for community resource referrals differently.

Some Resource Referrals We Offer:

  1. Assistance in Securing Translation and Interpretation Services
  2. Help finding language and citizenship classes
  3. Help finding medical and legal providers

We work with several organizations, two of which are El Comite and Longmont’s Community and Neighborhood Resources Department.

Our Process:

  1. A Request for assistance comes to A-PAL through our email:
  2. A-PAL will then assign a volunteer to get in touch with the requester and determine the nature of the request.
  3. The  A-PAL volunteer will research the existing services provided by the City, School District, other non-profits, etc. to find the appropriate services for the community member in need.
  4. The A-PAL volunteer will follow-up with the community member to determine the next best steps to meet the requester’s needs.
  5. Depending on the requester’s language level, the volunteer might need to contact the service for the requester and, if needed, to accompany the requester to the service
  6. It may take multiple trips to the service provider
  7. The volunteer may have to remain on the project until it’s resolved

Please note:

  1. If the request is for information only, it is possible that A-PAL can provide necessary information through e-mails.
  2. If the requester does not have language difficulties, an A-PAL volunteer will provide direct contact information for the providers.