About A-PAL

The Asian-Pacific Association of Longmont (A-PAL) is a 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 2010. A-PAL’s mission is to promote diversity and bridge cultural gaps through the development and hosting of cultural, educational, and artistic projects and events, as well as by encouraging active participation in city and school district initiatives and activities. A-PAL also urges greater utilization of programs and services offered by public institutions. Additionally, A-PAL provides referral assistance to those who have the need or are unfamiliar with available resources.

Our Initiatives:

  • Cultural and Artistic Projects and Events: A-PAL develops, hosts and participates in a variety of cultural and artistic projects and events including our Chinese New Year Event and the City of Longmont’s Inclusive Communities Celebration.
  • Community Education: Our mentorship program with the Silver Creek Leadership Academy teaches local students how to be effective leaders and managers as well as how to organize groups and projects.
  • Volunteerism: A-PAL has over 40 committed volunteers. During our special events, our volunteer numbers increase significantly. We often have as over 100 volunteers for our Chinese New Year project. In addition, A-PAL members contribute to a wide variety of city and school programs and projects.
  • Resource Assistance: A-PAL provides referral services to individuals and organizations that are unfamiliar with available community resources within Longmont and Boulder County, and to anyone with specific cultural and/or language needs.
  • Partnerships: A-PAL has cultivated and continues to grow programs in partnerships with the St. Vrain Valley School District, Silver Creek Leadership Academy, Front Range Community College, Confucius Institute at Community College in Denver, the Boulder Asian Pacific Alliance, the City of Longmont and many private businesses, non-profits, and individuals in order to promote multiculturalism, as well as to educate and serve the community.