Chinese New Year 2017

The Asian-Pacific Association of Longmont (A-PAL), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports Longmont’s multicultural initiative by promoting diversity and bridging cultural gaps through the development and support of cultural and artistic projects. In addition, A-PAL encourages active participation in city and school district programs and activities, working to ensure that Longmont’s Asian community members utilize existing public programs and services. A-PAL also provides referral assistance to those who have specific needs or are unfamiliar with available resources.

A-PAL ¬†differs from other Asian organizations in Colorado because we work in collaboration with the City of Longmont, the St. Vrain Valley Schools, Silver Creek High School’s Leadership Academy, Front Range Community College, the Boulder Asian Pacific Alliance, as well as private businesses, other area nonprofits and individual community members. One significant program that sets us apart is that we mentor students from the Silver Creek Leadership Academy at Silver Creek High School in Chinese culture and overall leadership skills. We also support their capstone projects. These are examples of our efforts toward and commitment to promoting multiculturalism in Longmont and beyond.